Is Yomeco free of charge?

Yes, Yomeco is free of charge.

How can I edit my personal data?

In order to edit your personal data, you have to click on "My Profile".

Where can I find the settings for private policy?

Click under "My Profile" on "edit" to see your settings.

How can I get in contact with other users?

Use "Quick Search" to seek for names, companies or keywords like "singer" or "producer". Above the search results you can find "extended search" which you can use for a more specific search request. To get in contact with a user, please click on "add to contacts" and fill in the message field. After the user has confirmed your add request you will get informed via mail.

Can I send out more than one attachment through the messaging-system?

In order to send out more than one file attached, you have to use a ZIP-program to zip your files to one folder.

Is it possible to send out messages to non-commmunity-members?

Yes, you can send out messages with attachment to people who are not members of the community. Herefore you have to just fill in one or more email adresses of the recipients into the recipient-field.

How does the Exchange Point functions?

Members can offer and exchange their services and products, by interchanging amongst each other at the Exchange Point. Herby filling out the form under “Advertising” if necessary a photo can be attached. After approval from the Yomeco Team, the advert will be published at the Exchange Point. The exchange transaction will only occur between the Yomeco Members.

How can I place an advert in the Job Center?

In order to place Advert in the Job Center, You have to register a free of charge Standard-Account.  After successfully registering yourself, you have the possibility to place your Advertisement under "Job Offer" and "Event Tipps".

How can I use the Online Consultation?

As a Gold-Member you have access to the Online Consultation. Fill out the form and send it. You will receive within a short period of time, an answer from our consultant team.

How do I delete my account?

Send us an e-mail through the Contact Formular and your Profile will be deleted from our Team.

I Forgot my Password. What shall I do?

Click on Forgot your password?.Fill in your e-mail address which you have used in registering your self. Our system will automatically generate a new Password for you, which will be sent to your e-mail address enabling you access to log on. Under "Profile Edit" you can create a new Password.

How can I delete my account?

You can delete your account under "My Profile" -> "edit".

I have a problem with Uploading Files, what can I do?

For the uploading of files you will require:

  • An actual Web-Browser
  • Activated JavaScript
  • Minimum Flash-Player 9

Please be sure that you are using an actual Browser (possibly updated through the manufacturers Website) and that you've activated Javascript. Furthermore you can Download right here the current Flash Player.

Sometimes, Upload Problems can occur through designated configurations from your Anti-Virus program.(The Upload-Transmission will refill 100% but still no reaction) Please try to deactivate your Anti-Virus Program, and try upload again.

If problems should continue by the Uploading of Files despite the information given, then please contact us we may help you.