Terms of Use

General Terms and Conditions

Yomeco is a portal with which users can take up achievements of Yomeco free of charge. Yomeco offers the following features:

  • Create your own Profile with Photo -, Video -, Music Upload
  • Networking and communication with registered members of Yomeco
    Receiving direct contact from potential employers and securing yourself a Job.
  • Optimized Message System
    Attach your Data-Files (.jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .png, .pdf, .doc, .mp3, .wav, .flv, .mp4, .m4v, .mov, .mpg, .mpeg, .avi, .3gp, .wmv) approximately up to 500 MB a day.
  • Posting Job Offers in the Jobcenter
    Enhancing your Job chances and applying to worthwhile job offers in the Jobcenter or posting your own search.
  • Posting Event-Tips
  • Exchange Point
    Exchange your services an dproducts with other members.
  • Yomeco Hotpsot
    Upload your own Video-Contributions on Yomeco Hotspot.


The use of Yomeco is only possible if the user registers himself under of his name, his email address, his user's name and a password.

Yomeco does not check the identity of the user, however, reserves the right to exclude the user from Yomeco, as far as an identity deception is ascertained.

Every user may register only once.

Cancellation for cause without notice

A cancellation of the contract for cause without notice is possible for both parties at any time. Reasons that entitle Yomeco to cancel without notice are in particular:

  • violation of copyrights and other rights of third persons
  • violation of the directives of Yomeco

The right of the user to cancel the contract under §543 paragraph 2 No. 1 BGB (German Civil Code) because of not granting the use of the portal is only possible if the failure is not cured within an adequate period  of time or such cure has failed.

The notice of cancellation can occur on both sides also by email.

Restriction of liability

Yomeco resumes liability within the scope of the legal regulations only as follows:

Yomeco, its legal representatives and agents, resume liability for negligent violation of essential contractual duties, however, such liability being limited to damages foreseeable and typical for this type of contract.

Yomeco`s liability independent of fault for defects already in place upon commencement of the contract (§536a paragraph 1 German Civil Code) is excluded.

The preceding regulations apply analogously in view of wasted expenditures.

Liability according to product liability laws remains untouched.

The preceding regulations also apply in favor of the employees and agents of Yomeco.


Yomeco serves the purpose to promote your artistic achievements and talents. Please, follow this principle. Do not abuse Yomeco for other purposes, in particular not to violate the rights of others.

Watch out that the representation of your achievements is topical and true. You should not upload videos or photos that are older than two years. This would falsify your actual impression. 


Please pay attention and do not violate the copyrights and neighboring rights of others. Already of the upload of a cover version of music titles or other achievements protected by copyright can result in a violation of the law which can cause sensitive punishments. Same is valid for photos which you have not made yourselve.

Personal rights

Protect the personal rights of others. For example, do not upload photos from others without having their explicit approval. We also do not permit the mobbing of others.

Illegal content

The upload of illegal or unpopular content, as for example racist, pornographic, violence-glorifying and insulting representations is strictly prohibited.


The nuisance of other users possibly by SPAMS, chain letters, sexual communication is prohibited.

Protection of minors

We install mail boxes also for users under age rendering the possibility  to process inquiries of others. We urgently recommended that the representatives of minors  check mail boxes - if necessary together with the minors – in order to prevent abuse by possibly not desired contacts.

To avoid unpleasant surprises, we advise parents urgently to supervise the use of Yomeco by their children.


If users want to complain to the behavior of other users, they can do so under or by using the contact form.

Technical conditions

The auction portal http::// is an offer of media GUMAK e. K. The following conditions apply for the use of the portal:

On account of technical occurrences, servicing work or transformations of the website system, disturbances or temporal interruption of the accessibility of the website can occur.

Yomeco cannot guarantee continuous accessibility of the website and resumes no liability for damages and/or other interferences with the user resulting from such technical occurrences.

In case of service works and transformations of the website which are arranged by Yomeco, Yomeco will attempt to indicate to the user by way of a “system notice” the assumed period of such interruptions. However, the user resumes no right to such system notice.

Should accumulated data be extinguished, damaged or become useless by system disturbances, Yomeco resumes no liability for any damages and/or interferences, unless they are based on intention or gross negligence.