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Thierry Mersch aus Luxemburg zu Gast bei YOMECO FEAT.Moderatorin Svenja begrüßt den Sänger Thierry Mersch im Studio von YOMECO TV. Seine Single "Gimme More" ist in allen Downloadshops verfügbar.

Yomeco FEAT.
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Chikara Blue - Interview with Nadia Ayari

Link to the music video "Lift me up!": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yvGcSwDiHPU Working with Nadia Ayari - we recorded a interview for you! Nadia Ayari was vocalist at RED 5 in the 90ies and had a lot of success in the charts with "Da Beat goes" charts #19 in Germany and some more Top 5 positions in Europe, Mexico, Canada! Watch this video and enjoy Nadia singing "Amazing Grace" in the end of this clip!! https://de.yomeco.de/profile/emw-audio https://de.yomeco.de/profile/nadiasvoice

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